Invest with us in energy-efficient, low-cost buildings. The modern way to a new home.

Innovative building construction technology.

We live in the 21st century. However, we erect most buildings in the same fashion as a few hundred years ago. The process is slow, labor-intensive, and expensive as a result. Insulation is poor and installation of energy recovery installations is difficult, costly. Most buildings are not resistant to earthquakes, hurricanes or other disasters.

The Great Precast System is an innovative construction technology of large-scale prefabricated elements from EPS and concrete. Our System, thanks to the smart design, has a unique combination of short construction time, great insulation properties, durability, and low-cost of the final building. This combination is not possible in other popular home construction technologies.

Advantages of Great Precast System

Low costs

Very low construction costs, in conjunction with low heating and cooling costs, make our system extremely competitive in the market. The energy-efficient design of our construction allows clients to apply for government incentives for energy-efficient home development.

Energy efficiency

Buildings constructed using the Great Precast System are energy-efficient (below 40 kWh/m2a). Additionally, thanks to the possibility of easy installation of energy-saving appliances, it’s great base for passive houses.

Short construction time

Large-format panels and other elements made of concrete mixed with Styrofoam are easy to assemble, and the number of “wet” works is reduced. It is possible to build up to one story per day.

A few essential facts:

  • Construction costs are 30-40 percent lower than traditional solutions in Poland as a result of the prefabrication process, optimal usage of materials and quick on-site assembly techniques.
  • Short construction time: one floor per day, even in winter.
  • Solid structure: concrete frame (like in skyscrapers), external walls as a concrete plates with 26-31 cm layer of EPS. The final homes are energy-efficient (below 40 kWh/m2a) and durable..
  • Flexible approach:  uses range from small single-family homes up to multi-story and multi-family homes based on any architectural design.
  • The Great Precast system has received patent protection, and was examined on-site during the construction of small multifamily homes.
  • The company cooperates with scientists at the University of Technology in Gdansk, and is currently working on developing and implementing a new generation of the passive homes system under a project donated by the National Center of Research and Development.

Market Size

In Poland alone, there are 80.000 flats and around 100.000 single-family houses built every year – most in traditional technology. Poland has one of the lowest numbers of condos per capita in the whole EU. It’s estimated that we still need over 2.700.000 flats to match EU average.

The global market for residential building construction totalled $4,171.3 billion in 2017 and is estimated to reach $6,800.9 billion by 2022 (BCC Research, Feb 2018). Unique combination of low cost, insulation properties, fast construction time, and durability gives Great Precast System vast advantage over other commonly used technologies. System is an especially good fit for regions with high labour costs, very low or very high temperatures, or with exposure to natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tornadoes or hurricanes.